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are you looking for... additional income stream for your future?

...a supportive community?

...a comp plan that comes with weekly pay 
and guaranteed income?

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I love helping people connect with what makes their heart sing, make their hopes a reality,
 and show up in service no matter what season of life they're in!
let's do it together!

Become A Network Marketing Business Partner/Ambassador with QSciences

QSciences is a hemp + non hemp nutraceuticals & supplements 

e-commerce company. They’re holistic-minded, backed by science & they cultivate financial freedom for their ambassadors.


  • Willing and able to own a business
  • Coachable
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to invest $200 upon signup
  • Commit to monthly autoship
  • Has the time to go through the launch process within 24-48 hours of signup
  • Willing to invite people to private calls about the business opportunity
  • Can work 5-7 hours a week at minimum
  • Willing to commit to working toward Executive rank (getting 15 orders/helping others rank up)

let's meet & happy dance -> @itsallidean


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