Thank You

Oh my Allie! I just finished the modules and I am BEYOND excited by the info!! I've actually used Canva on a very basic level for a LONG time and clearly have no idea why I didn't do a tutorial before. You taught me how to finally get rid of the grid within a large multitext box, how to change letter spacing, how to use a grid feature OMG so MUCH! This is absolutely so great and I am SO thankful for you and cannot wait for you to monetize this course. it is 100% chock full of content that can help someone have fun and make their GO site unique to them. I cannot thank you enough and I cannot wait to see the additions you make to this.

Hi, Allie! I just finished watching your class and wanted to share some feedback- I absolutely loved it! I've been working YL business for 2 years and have never been confident enough to make myself a website but your tutorial changed all of that! I can't wait to get started and implement what you've taught. I appreciate you!