hey there! 
 Yankee-turned-Texan, photographer, and educator.
 Currently savoring: essential oils, sunsets, and gluten-free pizza.

In 2015 I started having back trouble which led to a diagnosis of mild scoliosis.
Learning how to live with the daily aches and discovering that my lifestyle had to change hasn't been easy, but I know the Lord is leading my every step and He still gives me opportunities to serve, work, and enjoy life!

One of the doors that has opened was creating and launching, not one, but two
 website design courses!

It's such a delight to connect with fellow business owners and help them bring their visual brand presence to life!

This job-that-doesn't-feel-like-work has also allowed me to work from home!
I can make the most of my "good" spine days, and not get behind on my rest days :)

I know I'm not the only person who has had a health issue arise that has a significant effect on hopes, dreams, plans, and life visions. 
If you're like me, trying to balance health, life, and work, it's important to have a supportive community 
that understands what you're going through and that can cheer you on!

Come join us in the online space I created for encouragement and inspiration!

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 The point of being creative isn't being original  
 but making something beautiful & meaningful 
 in the context of what has been said. 
 Matthew Morris 


 smiles are always in fashion 


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