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Hey there, I’m Allie Dean

I’m excited that you’re here because it means we can be friends!

2017 marked the year I named my wedding & portrait photography business “Allie Dean”. Allie has been a nickname for years and Dean was my grandfather’s middle name. His interest in photography sparked mine and while due to his health issues, we never did a photoshoot together, he always encouraged me in the craft 🙂

In 2023 I made the move from San Antonio, TX to central Alabama when my husband, Stephen, and I got married. It was a pretty significant change for me, as I’d always lived with my family, but it’s also such a happy change because now there’s no more long-distance relationship logistics and we get to find a new community and hobbies together! (hello ballroom dancing!)

Next to photography & graphic design, building a business from home and finding ways to live a low-tox, healthy lifestyle are what bring me joy!  

I’m so glad you discovered this little corner of the web and I look forward to connecting with you! Feel free to check out the blog, my free resources for you, and give me a holler on social media! 

I like to do lots of things! Here are a few of the…


Since 2006 I've been a


Currently loving the role of


My favorite place to work is from


I enjoy the adventure of being


Our wedding highlight video made by www.theaxmanns.com is one of the best mementos of our special day!

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