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Hi, I'm Allie Dean!

Allie Dean is my photography business name a couple years ago, combining my nickname and my grandfather's middle name. He was my inspiration to get started in photography and while we never got to shoot together, he would definitely be impressed with this digital age and would have dived right into using all the things!

Photography is a side gig for me now, (along with teaching piano and petsitting), and I'm in the middle of a different season of branching out with my brand to include business mentorship and wellness! (so-so-excited!!) 

On a more personal note, I'm also navigating life having experienced 2 deaths of family members in the last year. It's not always easy to "get up and go", sadness is still lingering in between the joys, and I'm learning how to be present for the wonderful people in my life and how to take care of my heart & mind.

I'm passionate about wellness & freedom & about bringing both into the lives of my family & friends. If you are curious about the things in your home that you use for cleaning, personal care, laundry, air fresheners, etc. questioning their safety & impact on your health, you're doing the right thing. The changes I've made especially during the grieving process have helped me to feel balanced and well so that I can process life as it is now.

It's easy to ditch the yuck, the chemicals, the toxins that impact our health, and switch to natural options that help us stay above that wellness line so we can show up in our lives with more vibrant freedom!

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