Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020
Not sure what you want to give your mom this year? I have some special ideas just for you!
Whether you're wanting to spoil your mother, wife, mama of your kiddos, or a lady who's been a mom to you, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to her long as you add "I love you!" and lots of hugs <3

My very tip-top-favorite store is having a sale on oils & skincare! Check it out here: Mother's Day Sale

Mirah Oil Bundle 20% OFF

Item #33437

This set contains:

Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil

Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil

Mirah Shave Oil

$86.75 Wholesale Value

$69.40 Wholesale Sale Price


ART Mother's Set 20% OFF

Item #33436

This set contains:

ART Skin Care System {includes gentle cleanser, refreshing toner and light moisturizer!}

Savvy Minerals Poppy Seed Lip Scrub

$141 Wholesale Value

$112.80 Wholesale Sale Price


Oils She Will Love 20% OFF

15ml Elemi 

Elemi is honestly an unsung hero! I mean, it's called 'Poor Man's Frankincense!' Elemi is AMAZING for uplifting your mood. lt has traditionally been used to reduce lines and wrinkles associated with aging, and is supportive of healthy skin. Also for soothing muscle discomforts after exercise. Elemi is an excellent addition to your nightly skincare for extra moisture and smoothing effects!

Item #3540 | Wholesale Sale Price: $17.40 


15ml Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy is an incredible oil that is high in limonene and sesquiterpenes and is fabulous for the skin. Its naturally occurring constituent, chamazulene, gives the essential oil it’s signature blue color during steam distillation. It is only wildcrafted and has to be harvested at a specific time. Many women use it in their DIY glow serums or they apply it directly to the skin at bedtime. It does give you skin a blueish hue, but it's gone by morning. Ladies with blonde hair often use it to tone their hair rather than a purple shampoo! Blue tansy is magical!

Item #3084 | Wholesale Sale Price: $75.80 


5ml Roman Chamomile 

Roman Chamomile really is a highly sought after oil, and as you can tell, there are plenty of reasons for that. And if you've never tried it, you really, REALLY should! Add a drop or two to your favorite sleep diffuser recipe, or take a deep whiff from the bottle right before bed to help bring a sense of relaxation and calming before drifting into dreamland.  You could also apply it topically on your feet or wrists. Hard day at work, or maybe your kids can't quite seem to find the "unwind" button. Add a drop to your daily moisturizer to help support healthy-looking clear skin.

Whether you need it for that good night's sleep or someone in your house desperately needs to turn the cranky switch off, you'll find a way to use this and you'll fall in love with it TOO!!! 

Item #3512 | Wholesale Sale Price: $32.80


5ml Manuka 

Gorgeous skin is never out of season friends. Manuka has very similar properties to tea tree oil but the aroma is completely different, woodsy, and thicker to the touch. Do you have blemish-prone skin? This plus our incredible Acne Treatment and you’re all set. It’s also wonderful for a healthy scalp. Simply add a couple of drops to your shampoo.

You can also enjoy its sweet aroma by diffusing it, adding it to household cleaners, and massaging it into your tired feet.

Item #5322 | Wholesale Sale Price: $29.40 

// The Fine Print //

-Limit of 2 of each bundle and essential oil per account

-Shop Orders Only

-While Supplies Last

-U.S. Only

Do you want to get the wholesale pricing?? Click here and let's chat!
I can set you up with a kit and access to my online community for healthy living!

The Welcome Home kit is a great choice, and I use these oils allll the time!
Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, and Tangerine: in the diffuser for happy moods!
Peppermint: when you need a fresh pick-me-up!
Valor: a perfume/cologne for emotional support that's plant-based and smells soooo good!
Frankincense: add it to your skincare products!
Lavender: for the sleepy vibes at night!

Whimsy and Wellness has lovely gift options on their website! Their roller bottles are some of my favorites :)

Put On Love Designs makes beautiful jewelry, perfect for the essential oil lover!

Modern Makerie has delightful wristlet purses!

And here are a few Amazon* favorites! Rtic tumblers are fantastic as are Contigo insulated cups!


*Indicates affiliate links, you don't have to purchase through these links, but I'll get a little sumthin' if you do!